What Does Laborde Motorsport do?

Laborde Motorsport, We’re proud to stand as global experts for dyno tuning, where precision meets performance. 

When you bring your vehicle to our workshop, you’re getting a custom performance upgrade. Our dedicated technicians utilise the latest in tuning technology to ensure your car is running at its absolute best.

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Services: Dyno Tuning for Optimal Performance in Perth

Enhancing your vehicle’s performance is an art and science. Our dyno tuning services begin with a thorough assessment of your vehicle’s current state, employing advanced diagnostics to understand its unique characteristics. As your car is mounted on our state-of-the-art dynamometer, we simulate a variety of driving scenarios, pushing your car to its limits to accurately gauge its performance.


We fine-tune the air-fuel ratio, tweak the ignition timing for optimal spark, and ensure the exhaust system is expelling gases with maximum efficiency. Our approach is about enhancing what your car can do naturally — without the need for expensive and extensive modifications.


We understand that each vehicle is as unique as its driver, which is why we calibrate our tuning to match your driving style and preferences. Whether you’re seeking that extra edge on the race track, striving for better fuel economy on long drives, or simply looking for a smoother ride around town. Our dyno tuning service provides significant improvements in throttle response, power delivery, and overall driveability.


Our meticulous attention to detail means we consider every aspect of your vehicle’s operation. We don’t just chase numbers; we aim for a seamless blend of enhanced performance and maintained reliability. With Laborde Motorsport, you can expect a superior driving experience, with your vehicle operating at peak performance — efficiently, powerfully, and smoothly.


- Jane D. Perth
- Jane D. Perth⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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"The power increase after Laborde Motorsport tuned my car was stunning. It's like I've unlocked a new level of performance."
- Mike S. Perth
- Mike S. Perth⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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"The team's expertise shone through. They've managed to make my car more efficient without sacrificing the thrill of the drive."
- Liam F. Perth
- Liam F. Perth⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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"I was genuinely impressed with the team at Laborde Motorsport. They fine-tuned my ride with such precision; it's like driving a completely new beast!"
- Emma T. Perth
- Emma T. Perth⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
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"After Laborde's dyno tuning, my car's responsiveness is unbelievable! It's like every signal from the pedal is amplified in the best way possible."

Why use professional Dyno Tuning Experts in Perth:

At Laborde Motorsport, we recognise the imperative need for professional dyno tuning, particularly here in Perth where the love for automotive excellence runs deep.

As your trusted experts in this precise art, we ensure that when you entrust your vehicle to us, it’s not just about making adjustments; it’s about elevating performance to an art form.

Our advanced diagnostics are the beginning of a journey to peak performance. The dynamometer sessions are not mere tests but a symphony of engineering finesse, pushing your vehicle to its limits to understand its full potential. 

By fine-tuning the very sinews of your car’s engine, we assure an experience on the road that’s tailored to the unique pulse of your driving desires.

The testimonials of our satisfied clients across Perth speak volumes of the transformation we bring about. From jaw-dropping power surges to refined fuel efficiency, the Laborde difference is palpable. They’ve felt the adrenaline of enhanced throttle response and revelled in the smoother ride that only our professional dyno tuning can provide.

As the custodians of your vehicle’s performance, we don’t just aim for immediate results; we pledge enduring excellence and reliability. It’s a blend of expertise and dedication that has set us apart as Perth’s premier dyno tuning professionals. At Laborde Motorsport, we’re not just tuning cars; we’re crafting bespoke driving experiences. Come, let us tune your vehicle to its finest iteration yet.

Frequently asked questions about Dyno Tuning in Perth:

What’s dyno tuning ? 

It’s all about tweaking things under the hood so your ride’s quicker to your touch, stronger on the road and more fuel efficient.


Why choose LM for dyno tuning? 

Laborde Motorsport have years of experience and a globaly reconised reputation. When we take on your project, we don’t stop until the best performance has been achieved.


How much gain could I expect?

Some vehicles achieve up to double the performance. However, each vehicle has its limitations. Chat to us about what we’ve achieve with similar vehicles to yours.

Can dyno tuning improve my car’s fuel efficiency?

Absolutely, it’s not all about power. Imagine your car’s engine learning to be more economical while still giving you the punch you need.  

Does my car really need dyno tuning?

Dyno tuning fine-tunes your car to your unique driving style.  If you desire maximum performance, then Dyno Tuning is your best option. 

Is dyno tuning safe for my car’s engine?

When done by certified specialists like the crew at Laborde Motorsport, it is safe for the longevity of your car. We enhance your car’s performance within safe and efficient parameters. 

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