TCU Tuning - Transmission Control Unit Tuning | Perth

All Automatic and Dual Clutch Transmissions (DCTs) are equipped with a Control Unit with calibratable parameters such as your gear shift points, the maximum output engine torque, launch control parameters, shift times and clutch pressures.

When we tune the engine of a vehicle, an update to the gearbox is often required, to match the new performance characteristics and parameters in the engine. Vehicles equipped with an automatic gearbox or dual clutch gearbox, will expect a certain amount of torque from the engine – so when this is adjusted and raised via an engine tune, we need to work on the gearbox to match.

With a gearbox tune, the engine torque profile is more natural, providing the full range of power and performance that is calibrated in the engine, as well as improving the driving characteristics of the vehicle as a result – an example is adjusting the shift points to provide a constant powerband in each gear for selected driving modes.

Specific to Mercedes-Benz vehicles- we can enable Manual mode during and after a “Race Start” event, as well as configuring drift mode and the maximum permissible torque before the deactivation of the AWD system.

DSG Tune

A DSG Tune pictured above, with some examples of the maximum torque profile, gearbox oil flow target in L/hour and engine speed for launch control.

Street Tier

Gearbox Calibrations
$ 1000 Starting at
  • 15% Reduction in Shift Times
  • Increased Torque Limits
  • Rev in Park & Neutral

Sport Tier

Gearbox Calibrations
$ 1250 Starting at
  • All Features in Street
  • Multi-Stage Launch Control
  • Gear Shift Points

Race Tier

Gearbox Calibrations
$ 1750 Starting at
  • All Features in Sport
  • Boosted Launch Control
  • Thermal Management