Diesel Tuning in Perth

Embark on a journey of amplified vehicle performance with Laborde Motorsport, your trusted companion in Diesel Tuning in Perth.

Our adept technicians with their profound expertise, breathe new vigour into your diesel powered vehicles, elevating not just the throttle response but the very heartbeats of your cherished ride.

With a culture steeped in relentless innovation and meticulous attention to detail we redefine the boundaries of what’s possible with diesel tuning offering a suite of comprehensive services that ensure your vehicle performs at its zenith, consistently and reliably.

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Audi SQ5 30L TDI

Unleashing the Power Within, with Diesel Tuning

At Laborde Motorsport we understand the latent potential within every diesel engine. Through meticulous diesel tuning we unlock a significant surge in power ensuring your vehicle responds with alacrity to every tap of the accelerator. 

Our Diesel Tuning  system employs modern techniques such as ECU Remapping where the engine control unit’s (ECU) settings are fine tuned to optimize fuel injection timing and the duration of engine revolutions per minute. This intricate tuning process not only boosts power but significantly enhances fuel efficiency and overall engine performance.

Diesel Tuning - Tailored for Excellence

Every vehicle in Perth is a unique blend of engineering and aspiration we embrace this uniqueness by offering customised tuning solutions.

Our diesel tuning software can be employed across a broad spectrum of diesel programs including tuning for utes, cars, trucks and 4WDs with Bosch or Motronic diesel injection systems.

Adjusting the injection pump timing and duty cycle we aim to reduce smoke levels increase power and economy, ensuring your vehicle is attuned to your driving demands​​.

Audi SQ5 30L TDI

Safety and Reliability: Our Pledge

Our unwavering commitment to safety ensures that your vehicle’s reliability is never compromised. Before embarking on the tuning journey our engineers conduct a thorough vehicle safety check, examining the entire engine and reviewing performance data to provide the safest tune possible​​.

Robust Performance, Realised with Diesel Tuning

With diesel tuning at Labored Motorsport, embrace a tangible transformation in your vehicle’s performance. Revel in the up to 30% increase in power and torque and up to 10% improvement in fuel efficiency as validated by our rigorous dyno tests​​.

Your Gateway to Enhanced Driving Dynamics

Choose Labored Motorsport your ally in achieving superior vehicle performance and ensuring a seamless synergy between man and machine. Our state of the art facility in Perth is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by a team of dedicated diesel tuning aficionados ready to elevate your driving experience to a realm of uncharted performance.

Key Takeaways

Power: Up to 30% increase revitalizing your driving experience with a noticeable surge in throttle response

Fuel Economy: Up to 10% improvement enabling longer journeys with less fuel

Torque: Up to 30% increase making overtaking and hill ascents a breeze

Safety: Comprehensive vehicle check prior to tuning ensuring reliability

Customization: Tailored tuning solutions to meet individual vehicle and driver requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Diesel Tuning?

Diesel tuning involves modifying the settings of the engine control unit (ECU) in diesel powered vehicles to enhance performance and efficiency. It often includes adjusting fuel injection timing and engine revolutions per minute.

How does Diesel Tuning improve vehicle performance?

By fine tuning the ECU settings, diesel tuning optimizes the engine’s operation resulting in increased power, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced torque, significantly uplifting the vehicle’s performance.

Is Diesel Tuning safe for my vehicle?

Absolutely. At Labored Motorsport safety is paramount. Our technicians conduct a thorough vehicle check before tuning to ensure the engine’s reliability is upheld.

What types of vehicles can benefit from Diesel Tuning?

Diesel tuning is beneficial for a broad spectrum of diesel powered vehicles including utes, cars, trucks and 4WDs, irrespective of the make and model​.

How long does the Diesel Tuning process take?

The duration of the diesel tuning process can vary depending on the specific requirements of the vehicle and the extent of tuning required. It’s best to get in touch with our team for a more precise time estimate.

How do I schedule a Diesel Tuning appointment with Labored Motorsport?

Embarking on your diesel tuning journey is straightforward. Simply reach out to us through our contact page or give us a call and our friendly team will guide you through the process, scheduling a convenient time for your vehicle tuning.

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