Dyno Tuning

Laborde Motorsport is Perth's Dyno Tuning Specialist

Dyno tuning is a highly specialised process that is used to optimise the performance of a vehicle’s engine. 

During dyno tuning, a car is placed on a specialised machine called a dynamometer, which measures the engine’s output and allows technicians to carefully monitor and adjust engine settings. 

Using this technology, we are able to adjust various aspects of the engine, including timing, fuel delivery, and exhaust flow, in order to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. 

BMW dyno tuning
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Dyno tuning is typically used by performance enthusiasts who want to maximize the power output of their vehicle, as well as by mechanics who need to fine-tune a car’s engine for racing purposes or to resolve performance issues.

Overall, dyno tuning is a powerful tool that can help optimize a vehicle’s performance in a safe, controlled environment.

Laborde Motorsport Dyno Tuning Packages


Basic Dyno Tune
AUD $ 1250
Starts at
  • Factory Hardware
  • Fuel Economical
  • ~12% Power Gain


Full Performance Dyno Tune
AUD $ 1550
Starts at
  • Addon Hardware
  • Power Oriented
  • ~25% Power Gain


Custom Motorsport Dyno Tune
AUD $ 2500
Starts at
  • Full Bolt On's
  • Racing-Focused
  • ~100% Gain

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Meet Josh Laborde | Dyno Tuning in Action

In this video, Josh Laborde, the founder of Laborde Motorsport Dyno Tunes an Audi.

Dyno Tune Results

Audi RS6 C7 Stage 2 98 RON
GLC Dyno Tuning in Perth by Laborde Motorsport
Mercedes GLC63 Stage 2 98 RON
Audi SQ5 Stage 2 98 RON
Audi TT 8S Stage 1 98 RON

Emissions Testing & Repair

During the testing, the engine is put under various loads and speeds to measure the amount of pollutants it emits. This is done while the vehicle is both stationary and moving, so as to eliminate any potential safety hazards.

Datalogging & Development

Datalogging is a critical tool for engine tuning because it allows you to monitor and analyze important engine performance data in real-time. This information can be used to identify and diagnose engine issues, fine-tune specific engine parameters, and optimize overall engine performance.

Performance & Tuning

Vehicle performance tuning is the process of modifying a vehicle's engine and other components to enhance its overall performance. The aim of tuning is to achieve higher speed, better acceleration, and improved handling, as well as increased power and efficiency.

The Laborde Method

Laborde Motorsport utilizes a 4WD Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer to tune a vehicle’s engine and gearbox. Our AWD Dyno is equipped with the latest features and software allowing us to run complicated AWD systems such as electronic differential AWD systems, Haldex clutch coupling systems and viscous systems.

Using the aid of the dyno, we are able to collect data from the engine which shows us Air-to-fuel ratios, known as ‘AFRs’, vehicle power, and torque. We also use the on board diagnostic ‘OBD’ port to data log important parameters such as ignition timing, boost pressure, target AFRs, cam timing, knock to name a few.

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